We welcome you to our space – From our heart.


We enjoy cooking and experimenting with food and we’ve found a love to share this with people around us. We’ve always loved food and since going Vegan we’ve found it to be a challenge and we love trying new things and re-create or create our own way of different food. Our inspiration comes from so many places as we love trying new things so we have tones and flavours from India, Thailand, Mexico, China, American, healthy vegan food, naughty vegan food, sweet stuff, just stuff that we’ve tried and love. We will also be doing classes demonstrating how we cook a dish and you will be enjoying the meal after. We just want to share our passion with you and show you the tricks we’ve learned by going from meat eaters to Vegans. We know it’s a tough path and we’ve worked hard at finding alternatives and learning as many techniques as we could to create a delicious meal and experience. Our passion seems to allow us to cook from our hearts Therefore our menus will change fairly often because we will try new things. We are very experimental and love to create new flavours and source new techniques.

We both have a very compassionate nature and we like to comfort people . Our home has been a comfort space for many to heal as I’m a Soul Healer and I’ve just always had a desire to help people and give them comfort.

Quinton has a heart of gold and his cooking will reflect his love. He loves spicy tones and intense flavours and zesty comes to mind when I think about Quinton. His cooking has drawn me to him and because both of us love cooking, we found our favourite recipes and experiences and we love to share them with people and create and atmosphere for everyone to relax and just enjoy their time with us, whether it’s for healing or just some relaxing time out enjoying the change of scenery, reading a book in the garden over a slice of cake and a cup of tea , or just catching up with family or friends while listening to the crackling of the open fire .

*I’m very open and will answer any questions you may have regarding your event/reading party or anything you would like to know regarding the food or any allergies.




There’s a lot behind our ‘House of Healing,’ as it’s been named by the people that comes to our home, and we enjoy people’s company and we have a passion for cooking. This has been both our dreams, to create a space to cook and entertain people for a very long part of our lives. We are just inviting people to have the VEGAN BUDDHA experience in the capacity you feel. You can create your own experience and we will do our best to make the evening an amazing experience or there will be certain evening where we will have events for people who would like to get to know others and meet new people. This will be for couples and singles. Yes, please come with comfortable shoes as it will be in the garden.

Our relaxed and comfortable ‘zone’ has been described, as relaxing and soothing, ‘like food for the Soul’.

We’ve created a space where you can come and spend time with your family or friends in a very homely atmosphere and come and taste our Vegan food that we create from our heart. Bring some of your favourite tunes and have a boogie as well.


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